Scania G480

Beginning with the then incredibly ambitious Snowy Mountains Scheme, every Federal Government since the 1950s had some initiative in place that would allow for it to be remembered as a ‘champion of infrastructure’.

As we work through the second decade of the millennium, there is a massive agenda of national infrastructure projects underway again – ranging from highway upgrades to new international airports on green field sites. And even though the boom in establishing new mines may has cooled over the past couple of years, those very same holes in the ground are now entering their second phase of activity – namely the extraction of whatever ore or material they were established to produce.

All of these projects have led to one major revelation: For years to come, there will be a huge amount of rock, sand, soil and ore to be transported. Enter Scania, which has consulted with many specialised transport businesses and performed some extensive research to come up with a turn-key, roll-out-of-the-dealership tipper and dog combination that will slot into many a resources operation from day one, with the operator’s only input being to sign the order form.

Passenger car makers have been offering special option packages for decades, and some Japanese truck manufacturers have also jumped on the bandwagon with the promotion of tradie-ready vehicles that include factory drop-side trays and carry racks, for instance. Scania is now bringing the trend to the heavy-duty segment, and Prime Mover had the chance to drive it.

The basic package is based on the Scania G480 day cab fitted with a large capacity tipper body, pulling a three axle dog trailer.

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