Step Global produces only EWD to receive full marks for compliance

Transport technology company, Step Global, is asking operators if their Electronic Work Diary is fully compliant with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator rule set.

The NHVR rule set for EWDs provides a thorough framework as far as drafting digital platform rules for the replacement of customary practice of written log books.

EWDs provide real-time reporting for record keeping, reduce logbook management, provide exemption notification for fatigue breaches and fatigue rule time, visibility of time left driving and, also, time to the next scheduled break as well as real time logbook visibility.

Unlike written work diaries which record time in 15 minute blocks, under EWD Standards, EWDs will record time in minutes for more accurate records.

For Step Global, a key to developing its EWD was so that drivers would immediately see the benefits of adopting the digital form.

That has meant delivering a product that is intuitive and easy to use in addition to being 100 per cent compliant to the entire rule set.

In September Step Global achieved a 100 per cent pass by NHVR testers and as of today, according to the company, it remains the only EWD that has achieved this level.

In the case of Smart eDriver the main condition is that the hardware that the App runs on must have a minimum level of display in terms of size and pixels.

The Smart eDriver EWD App deals with this by verifying the device prior to the user being able to use the App.

Ian Johnson Step Global Product Manager is pleased the Smart eDriver meets ease of use requirements for drivers, without risk of breaching rest time rules, and provides an option for operators who work as part of two up driving crews — an issue not all platforms mitigate against.

“So for drivers that work for two companies, and those companies have a different EWD, that driver will not be able to provide full records to a compliance officer when requested from a single device,” he said.

“Instead they will have to have a print out from the other system, making it seem open to error,” said Johnson.

The Smart eDriver EWD App can also provide data transfers from one EWD platform to another.

“Our EWD is 100 per cent tested by the NHVR and is fully compliant, runs on a broad range of Android smartphones and tablets,” said Johnson.

“Currently Smart eDriver is the only EWD solution on the market that can replace a written work diary. All other solutions can only run along side the existing written log book, not as a replacement.”

At present there are two NHVR-approved EWDs. These are Smart eDriver from Step Global and Sentinel from Teletrac Navman.

Both of these platform have conditions on their certifications.

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