Associations reinforce COVID Safe compliance

Prominent livestock associations have urged drivers returning to Victoria via New South Wales (NSW) not to compromise road safety in order to comply with COVID-19 rules.

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Highway Kind

The Sopranos is a show about how therapy is no viable substitute for effective policing. Read more

Quarantine the Past

Since the first state of emergency was declared in the country, the future, at least as we knew it in the substantive world before COVID-19 (BC19), now appears to be on hold. Read more

Relative Values

If we’re to pretend, for a moment, that anyone in the political and punditry classes, is uniquely suited to the historic moment we currently find ourselves in, it might also be worthwhile asking ourselves, as an entire populace voluntarily enters house arrest, how it is that they came to understand the proper value of things. Read more

Ends and Means

It’s true the unknowns outweigh the knowns in the pandemic 2019nCoV, more commonly referred to as the coronavirus, in which an entire province has been placed in quarantine or “sacrificed to save the world” as news site Bloomberg has chosen to slant it. Read more