Mercury Revs

The mention of the Pilbara region in Western Australia’s northwest usually evokes two distinct images: red dirt and big trucks. Read more

Body Electric

The push is on to gradually diminish and eventually eliminate the gargantuan role of the time-honoured internal combustion engine (ICE), replacing it with electric motors. Read more

Blue Sky Mining

Drivetrain Australia, the local distributor for Canadian-manufactured Kovatera underground mining service vehicles, will receive its first Kovatera, the battery-electric version of the diesel-powered KT 200, in Australia this year. Read more

Changing Landscapes

For every border restriction, city or regional lockdown and PCR-confirmed positive Sars-COV-2 case in Australia there has been an equal and opposite reaction for someone on the supply chain. Read more

Dana announces acquisition

Power-conveyance and energy-management solution provider, Dana Incorporated, is strengthening its Power Technologies business unit following its latest transaction.

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Dana strengthens electrification capabilities

US-based company, Dana Incorporated, is investing in a 4,600-square-metre facility in Pune, India, to produce Dana TM4 low- to high-voltage electric motors, inverters and vehicle control units.

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In the Electric Midst

In the steady march towards what seems certain to eventually become an all-electric future in the public transport realm, Aluminium Revolutionary Chassis Company (ARCC) has chosen internationally acclaimed automotive component manufacturer Dana to supply electric driveline components for its revolutionary bus chassis. Read more