Lifetime Costs No Deadweight in Fleet Planning & Purchase

Operational costs continue a relentless upward march year-on-year, and this matched with current skyrocketing prices for material (affected by demand and supply chain challenges both at home and abroad for the moment) equates to a tough operating environment. Read more

Masters and Apprentices

Australia’s well-publicised battle to develop and retain skilled labour has been consistent, since a Federal Government inquiry into skills shortages in 2002. Read more

Two-pedal the ticket to help alleviate driver shortage: Isuzu

Australia’s number one overall truck market leader, Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL), said a sharp rise in popularity of two-pedal – including automatic and automated manual (AMT) – equipped trucks is helping to attract and retain more truck drivers in the workforce. Read more

Isuzu Australia welcomes new boss

Commercial vehicle manufacturer Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has announced the appointment of Takeo Shindo to the position of IAL Managing Director and CEO. Read more