Ice House

Formed two years ago on the provision that it would become the exclusive ISOKIT distributor for Australia, Eurocold offers long- and short-term rental solutions for cold chain food businesses on a steep upwards growth trajectory. Read more

Taking Charge

Club Assist was founded in 1991 in Dandenong, Victoria. Read more

Licence to Carry

It’s generally agreed that one of the pre-eminent keys to any successful venture is having the right tools for the task. Read more

Isuzu NPS 4×4 powers on for Encee Electrical

Encee Electrical relies on a trio of Isuzu N Series 4×4 trucks – including a new 2020 NPS 75-155 – to ensure reliable access to sites that could leave ordinary trucks stranded.

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Isuzu Gigamax makes its mark with Alpha Haulage

A generous payload capacity, adequate power, great manoeuvrability and outstanding fuel economy are among a long list of features that have endeared an Isuzu Gigamax EXY 260-520 to dangerous goods specialist Alpha Haulage. Read more