Steering Clear

For a number of operators in Australia, including Martins Stock Haulage, the heavy-duty truck and engine of choice is non-negotiable: It is, quite simply, Cummins-powered Kenworth. Read more

Skyroad adds flagship to Kenworth fleet

Skyroad Logistics recently took delivery of its first Kenworth T909, which makes a prominent and striking addition to the company’s fleet of K200 cab-overs. Read more

Dazzling new Kenworth T909 leads way for family campaign

Kelly Transport Toowoomba has invested in a magnificently specified Kenworth T909 which pulls a resplendently adorned Vawdrey B-triple set that’s helping raise public awareness about the rare genetic disorder known as Rett syndrome. Read more

Team 18 goes all out on Kenworth T909

Team 18 has upped the ante in the Supercars transporter stakes, acquiring a new Australian-made Kenworth T909 prime mover to haul the IRWIN Racing and DEWALT Racing Commodores and equipment for the 2021 Repco Supercars Championship. Read more