Kamilaroi Highway to boost heavy vehicle freight

Australia’s world-leading Performance Based Standard (PBS) scheme is allowing heavy vehicles to drive along the Kamilaroi Highway, which is expected to save operators at least an hour on their routes. Read more

Zero Effect

Australian High Productivity Vehicles like B-doubles, roadtrains and PBS combinations have a unique set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to Zero Emissions. Read more

Shape of Things to Come

Regarded as leaders in achieving outstanding Performance-Based Standards (PBS) outcomes, Smedley’s Engineers, as the first recognised end-to-end PBS consultancy firm in Australia, boasts a highly qualified team from trucking businesses, truck manufacturers, trailer builders and OEM suppliers. Read more

The Quad Father

In 2006 the National Transport Commission (NTC) estimated that Performance-Based Standards would account for 12,000 vehicles by 2030. Read more

Life Force

In the niche but growing domain of high productivity vehicles, bulk transport specialist Kalari, remains a proven force. Read more