Tumut River Brewing adds another Renault

Located in the picturesque sub-alpine town of Tumut, the appropriately named Tumut River Brewing Company (TRBC) has expanded its fleet of delivery vans with a new Renault Trafic.

It recently joins the company’s existing Renault Kangoo and Ford Transit vans in making deliveries of packaged and keg beer throughout the region and performing double duty at night with the local delivery of pizzas.

The need for the additional van has been brought about by the success of the TRBC operation which has occurred despite the challenges wrought by COVID lockdowns on hospitality-associated industries.

Manager Tim Martin’s plan was to build a food and live entertainment business to generate tourism around the town of Tumut with the key factor being the range of boutique beers and ciders brewed on site and featuring such novel names as ‘Full Grunt’, ‘Deliverance’, ‘Voodoo Child’ and ‘Here Gose Nothin’.

“I knew nothing of Renault when I first bought the Kangoo,” said Martin.

After owning the Kangoo for some time and being impressed with its performance it was a logical decision to purchase the Renault Trafic as the need developed for a larger van.

A fundamental requirement was the rear barn doors which permit the use of a forklift to load and unload heavy pallets of canned beer as well as kegs.

“The guys at Renault in Wagga Wagga were amazing and it was probably the best experience I’ve ever had with a car dealer,” Martin said.