Updated guidelines for automated vehicle trials available now

The National Transport Commission (NTC) and Austroads have released an updated edition of Guidelines for trials of automated vehicles in Australia.

The update will reportedly ensure the guidelines remain fit for purpose as automated vehicle trials progress across the country.

The guidelines, according to Austroads, are intended to promote Australia as a testbed for automated vehicle technology and help ensure the safety of trials on Australian public roads.

“The guidelines were first published in 2017,” Austroads said in a statement.

“Since then, trials of automated vehicles have taken place in every Australian state and territory. Trialling organisations and governments have found the guidelines a useful tool as they develop trial applications and operate trials.

“In this first review, the NTC consulted with a broad cross-section of the transport community. The updates reflect the lessons learned from trials to date.

“The guidelines set out criteria that must be addressed in any application for an automated vehicle trial. They are applicable to trials of light and heavy vehicles incorporating differing technology, scale and risk.

“Austroads Future Vehicles and Technology Program supports Australasian transport agencies to deliver an improved road transport network that leverages the benefits of emerging technologies while minimising some of the risks inevitably faced during a period of such rapid change.”

Earlier this year, Austroads was shortlisted for an award that championed connected and automated vehicles.

Meanwhile, this week in the US, an autonomous driving technology specialist, Aurora, is acquiring Uber’s self-driving unit, Advanced Technologies Group (ATG).

Aurora’s partnership with Uber is expected to accelerate the development and delivery of autonomous trucking in the US.

Aurora aims to deliver its first product in autonomous trucking and said a relationship with Uber will position the business as a leading player in passenger mobility as well.

In October, autonomous driving technology company, Waymo, committed to a global strategic partnership to deploy autonomous SAE L4 technology with Daimler Trucks.

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