Upside Projects presses on with Isuzu

Sydney-based building company, Upside Projects, specifies an Isuzu Ready-to-Work tipper for its versatility and reliability.

Upside Projects engages in residential and commercial works ranging from construction to remedial building works to demolition.

Established five years ago in Sutherland Shire, Upside Projects has grown from a small operation that made do with its tools, transport and equipment. In its first year of operation the company had two utes and hired a truck for bigger jobs.

Michael Kluktewicz, Upside Projects co-Director, said it was the company’s financial adviser that highlighted the mounting costs of hiring a truck as opposed to fronting monthly repayments on a truck of their own.

“Our accountant basically told us to stop hiring a work truck, so we made a call to Isuzu dealer Suttons Trucks, Arncliffe,” said Kluktewicz.

“We told them what our needs were, what our budget was, then took the Ready-to-Work NPR 45-155 Tipper for a test drive. within a week we had picked up our new truck.”

Kluktewicz said Suttons Trucks were very accommodating and helped arrange the truck financing.

From picking up materials at building sites to carting waste from demolition work, the NPR Tipper quickly became an integral part of Upside Project’s workflow.

“For demolition waste, it is particularly handy if the site is in a tight access spot and we can’t have a bin on site,” said Kluktewicz.

“We have the truck parked in the street and we’re able to keep our job sites clean and keep the clients happy – it’s perfect,” he said.

The truck also has ample power and comfort for travelling to distant job sites.

“We are currently working on a project in Gosford and that’s roughly a four-hour round trip – it’s definitely more comfortable than other truck brands we’ve driven in the past,” said Kluktewicz.

While Upside Projects has customers in regional New South Wales and up as far as Queensland, most of the jobs are in the Sydney metro area. Kluktewicz noted that the compact dimensions of the NPR Tipper make light work of squeezing into inner-city job sites.

“It’s actually an effortless vehicle to drive,” he said. “It’s easy to get around in the city and it has a really compact turning circle, so we can park in fairly tight spots. The reverse camera also helps.”

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