Volvo announces on sale date for latest range of new vehicles

The entire range of new Volvo models, all of which will be built in Australia, goes on sale at the end of November.

Volvo Group Australia confirmed the news today after teasing an announcement in recent weeks regarding the new FM, Volvo FMX, Volvo FH and Volvo FH16 commercial vehicles.

Designed with the driver in mind, the trucks target operators looking for the latest in comfort, driveability and safety.

“We all know how hard it can be to attract drivers in this country,” said Tony O’Connell, Volvo Trucks Australia Vice President Sales.

“These trucks raise the bar in terms of comfort, performance and efficiency and any driver would be proud to find themselves behind the wheel of any truck in our new range,” he said.

Long haul drivers often live in their trucks while for urban operators working in distribution it’s akin to an office.

Offering Euro 5 and Euro 6 emissions ratings across the range in 13-litre and 16-litre capacities, the new Volvo FH comes with the Australian I-Save package which is paired with a 500 hp Euro 6 turbo compound engine.

In long haul operations, the new Volvo FH with Australian ISave combines the new Euro 6 D13TC engine into a package that also includes I-See which accesses centrally stored topographic data to optimise transmission performance and engine efficiency.

Other components included in the package are I-Shift with dash mounted gear selector and economy transmission software, I-Cruise
with I-Roll, optimised 2.83 rear axle ratio with fuel efficient energy tyres, engine idle shutdown, and variable displacement power steering pump.

The Volvo FM features an all new cab as well as Euro 5 and 6 options in 11 and 13-litre engine capacities.

“This has been a massive project and we have invested heavily in our manufacturing capability to ensure that these trucks will be built at our
Wacol Qld production facility,” said O’Connell.

“The new Volvo FM and Volvo FMX are intelligent and versatile and continue to support our customers by building on the already formidable reputation carved out by the classic models in the urban streets, the quarries and the regional back blocks of Australia,” he said.

“The FH and FH16 will continue to power Australian long haul and heavy haulage businesses with new levels of driver comfort and appointments.”

New powerplants, according to O’Connell, coupled with a range of features that include dual-clutch transmissions to Volvo Dynamic Steering will help provide Volvo’s customers with the best transport solution possible.

Truck cabs across the range meet the world’s most stringent crash test rating; the Swedish BOF10 cab strength test.

Volvo also claims it has improved visibility by more than 10 per cent on the Volvo FM, and the Volvo FMX. The latter now features similar lines to the Volvo FH cab with a larger windscreen, slimmer A-pillars, slim line mirrors, and a lower door line.

To minimise blind spots the new passenger corner camera activates when the left indicator is used, the corner camera can also be activated at the push of a button enabling the driver to check the area when required.

The camera image is displayed on the 9-inch dash mounted touch-screen display. This display can handle input from up to 8 cameras.

Headlights on the FH & FH16 LED feature an Adaptive High Beam function that partially dips the high beam headlights when the headlights or taillights of another vehicle are detected ahead of the truck.

This means that the area surrounding the vehicle can remain illuminated by the partial high beam, increasing visibility, without blinding other road users. The system also detects the lights of smaller vehicles such as motorcycles and cyclists.

In the new Volvo FM Euro 6 horsepower ratings include the 11 litre 380, 430 and 460hp options, the 13-litre range includes the 460 and 500 hp options. The previous range of Euro 5 engines with 330 hp to 500 hp options will still be on offer. The Volvo FMX will also retain the option of a 540 hp Euro 5 powerplant.

The Volvo FH will also benefit from the addition of 13-litre Euro 6 variants including the 500 hp D13 Turbo Compound engine as well as the 13-litre 540 hp rating.

On the Volvo FH16, the existing Euro 5 range that covers horsepower ratings from 600 to 700 hp will be complemented by Euro 6 variants at 550 hp and 650 hp.

“I’m very excited to see the new Volvo Trucks range come to life here on Australia soil,” said O’Connell.

Eagerly anticipated by customers, according to O’Connell,  the biggest launch was the biggest he had been associated with at the OEM.

The new Volvo Trucks range will be on sale from 30 November, 2020.

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